A catch-all email mailbox is one that gathers all the email messages sent to nonexistent email addresses. For example, if your address is info@domain.com, but somebody mistypes it and sends an email to inof@domain.com, it will still be received in the catch-all mailbox that you have created. Just one single mailbox per domain can have this feature enabled and thus you will never miss emails because the other party has an out-of-date address or has made a mistake. The drawback of creating a catch-all mailbox is that you may start receiving a lot of unsolicited emails, but this issue can be rectified using anti-spam protection software. It is also crucial to remember that a mailbox with an enabled catch-all functionality cannot redirect inbound email messages to a third-party mailbox.

Catch-all Emails in Cloud Website Hosting

In case you host a domain name on our cloud hosting platform and you have a cloud website hosting account, you will be able to enable the catch-all functionality for any e-mailbox that you set up under the domain. The Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel comes with quite a lot of functions, but it’s stunningly simple to use, so setting up a catch-all mailbox takes only one mouse click. All the email addresses that you’ve created will be displayed in this section alphabetically and you’ll simply have to click the "Catch-all" button associated with the particular address. Our system will inform you if there is already another catch-all mailbox activated for that domain or if the one that you’d like to be a catch-all mailbox has email forwarding enabled, so you can either deactivate the latter feature or select another mailbox. Deactivating the catch-all feature is just as easy and requires yet another mouse click on the very same button.

Catch-all Emails in Semi-dedicated Servers

The custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel that is included with every semi-dedicated server package that we are offering will allow you to create a catch-all email mailbox with ease even if you don’t have much email/web hosting experience. All you have to do to accomplish that is click the catch-all icon, which will be on the right-hand side of each mailbox that you’ve created using your domains in the Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel. Since you can have only one single mailbox with this feature per domain name, our system will warn you if you’ve already set up another catch-all mailbox or if the one that you’d like to use has email forwarding enabled. If you reach the decision that you don’t want the feature any longer, you can remove it by clicking again on the same icon. The Email Manager section will also permit you to view your catch-all mailboxes at a glance.