A secure web app firewall software

All our cloud website hosting packages are provided with ModSecurity by default. ModSecurity is a compact–sized Apache module that does a fantastic job – it acts as a web application firewall program, successfully guarding your sites against hacker attacks. And everything takes place instantly, without you having to configure or tweak anything. Your sites will become secured the very moment you host them with us.

Data Backups

Your website content could be restored at any moment

No web site is shielded against hacker attacks. Your site may be affected even by accidental web site content deleting on your end. Still when using our data backup solution, we can restore all your website content at any moment. Further than regular server backups that we’re performing, you can yourself create manual backups of all your web site content with a single click of the mouse through the File Manager, which is integrated into your Site Control Panel. Just generate an archive of the file(s) that you want to manually back up and place it in a location of your liking.

VPN Access

Secure, anonymous web site browsing

If, for whatever reason, you want to hide your cyber footmark, we’ve got the optimal option for you. With each of our cloud website hosting packages, you can acquire VPN access and have your entire inbound and outbound website traffic re–sent through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you can take advantage of the very same VPN settings on any device that is connected online – your desktop personal computer, your laptop PC, your cellular phone, and so on.

Multiple Data Centers

Ensure the fastest website load speeds for all your target visitors

The data center facility location reflects your web site’s load speed, therefore, by selecting a datacenter that is close to your potential clients, you can really ensure the smoothest user experience for them. We offer you a selection of datacenters on 3 continents – Steadfast in Chicago, USA; Pulsant in Maidenhead, UK, Ficolo in Pori, Finland, Telepoint in Sofia, Bulgaria and Amaze in Sydney, Australia. All of them offer a stable and protected cloud website hosting environment with a 24x7 server monitoring service and a 99.9 percent server uptime warranty.

Web Accelerators

A set of software tools to boost your sites’ loading speed

Inside the Site Control Panel you can find a collection of Website Accelerators aimed at speeding up your dynamic, database–powered websites. By caching content, these software tools reduce the number of times a database is requested and hence minimize the server load. This helps all your web sites load faster and will lower the bounce rates. You will be able to choose from among a number of web accelerators – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js.

Website Builder

Build your business or personal web sites with one mouse click

Getting published online is now remarkably easy with the Free Of Charge Site Building Tool built into your Site Control Panel. All you need to do is pick a template from our collection of more than 100 personal and business web page themes then upload all your site content (photos, text, etcetera) with one click. To bring your website online, simply press the Publish button. It is that simple. You may use the Website Builder for all the domains within your web hosting account.

Web Stats

Keep an eye on your web site 24x7 from your web hosting Control Panel

The Site Control Panel offers a collection of comprehensive web statistic tools that will present you with elaborate information about your web sites. You’ll be able to examine your web site’s traffic in more detail and find out everything about your visitors – where they come from and what device and Internet browser they’re using. You will be able to select from among three separate tools – the widely used AWStats and Webalizer tools and a new full–featured web analytics software tool that we’ve created with your feedback and comments in mind.


Launch and manage your sites in the cloud at the cheapest possible price

Host your data–loaded websites in the cloud at an exceptional price. Our custom cloud website hosting system provides you with plenty of resources and spreads the server load among a few physical servers, and you will never ever deal with slow website loading speeds and downtimes. With unlimited hard disk drive storage space and bandwidth allowances, you don’t have to worry about your sites. Every single cloud hosting package offers a point ’n’ click Site Control Panel so that you can effortlessly utilize the available web hosting resources, and an unconditional 30–day money–back guarantee so that you can request your money back in case you are not happy.

File Manager

A drag & drop user interface

Using the File Manager available in the Site Control Panel feels like working with your own computer file system. You’ll be able to upload a file or folder to our server or conversely with a simple drag & drop motion. Moreover, you’ll be able to create, move, delete, copy and rename files and folders with a single mouse click. The code editor and the WYSIWYG editor will permit you to modify your files from within the Control Panel. If you require help, you can check out the available how–to video tutorials.

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